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News Town tries to promote itself [with supposed demonic possession].

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    Here is a story that has been making headlines on several major outlets. And it appears to me that the town is conspiring to promote itself. The police, state officials, and others are involved.



    So watch the video... read the link... have your mind blown... then..
    Answer me a question.... How does something like this make international headlines?

    Why isn't concern being shown towards the children? They got physically harmed according to the story, and one had to go to the hospital. So if the town is conspiring, why aren't they being charged for abuse of these children? Why isn't an investigation being called up?
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    Dear SixNein and fellow PF'ers, I respectfully submit the following:

    - dailymail.co.uk is widely known as one of the world's least credible websites. Not one of us should use it as a source for anything.
    - Fox "news" is not a whole lot better.
    - The Physics Forums have recently gone to a great effort to eliminate forums and threads concerning UFO's and other apparently paranormal or not scientifically accepted phenomena.
    - Standing Physics Forums rules and guidelines clearly discourage if not foreclose open discussion of the subject matter at the heart of the story posted.
    - If anyone is to dare risk infraction by posting responses, the Forum management and staff should probably lead the way by example.
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