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Toys and gadgets

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    Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know what sites show how to make toys that involve thermodynamics or electricity?

    I know one, www.scitoys.com[/URL]

    Or, does anyone know of any toy or gadget that interestingly uses thermodynamics or electircity?
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    Thanks for that GREAT site! Unfortunately I do not know any other ones for you.

    Freek Suyver.
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    Light energy ball

    Hmmm, this time I thinking of something...

    Does anyone know about the toy light energy ball? I find it very interesting but it seems not to be very easy as it seems.

    It looks like a plastic ball with two metal contacts inside it. It glows when one touches the ball.

    What makes me wonder is that how does the ball glow just by touching it? Speaking of which, does anyone know how to make one?
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    Chi Meson

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    There are these old toys that are available through "American Science and Surplus"

    The toy is called something like "harbor putt-putt" boats. THey are small tin tugboats that run on a small votive candle that boils water in a chamber. LIttle bursts of steam are forced through the tail pipes and the boats motor around whatever body of water you got.

    The same source has other things too, but these little boats are pretty cheap.
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