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Toys For Tots!! Any other good ideas?

Its that time of the year again...time to be nice to those less fortunate. You can start by scraping together some cash, and donating to [Broken]!! You can send money, or donate toys for your community.

Feel free to post other good holiday giving opportunities here.
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Another worthwhile organization in my area is called "Angel Tree". They arrange for children of prison inmates to receive Christmas gifts.

This program helps out an often overlooked victim of crime: the children of the criminal.

I've participated in this program several years and every year I am amazed at what the kids ask for. Stuff like, socks, a sweater, a pair of gloves, a coloring book... Not the greedy, what-can-I-get, what's-the-latest-popular-toy type of gifts asked for by most kids. I always get the child a toy of some sort to go with their socks or whatever else.

I think this is a website for them:

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