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TQM, QA and QC

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    In this diagram:
    http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/3012/tqmo.png [Broken]
    what exactly are they trying to convey as in, what is the relationship between TQM, QA, QS and QC? Does each outer circle encapsulate all the inner circles? For example, it QA a part of TQM, while QS is a part of QA etc.? I thought that QA and QC were 2 different things, I didn't think QC was just a subcategory of QA.
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    No idea what QS stands for here, but in the way of examples (at least as I understand the terms - if it's still not clear, I really can't be of much more help - maybe go bug the industrial engineers or MBAs?)....

    Quality Control - random batch testing of a product to ensure that it does what it is intended to do.

    Quality Assurance - makes sure that the testing protocols are up to date and followed, checks qualifications and records of the QC division staff (so as to check that they are knowledgeable and capable to do the testing), and the like

    Total Quality Management - some sort of business management philosophy that I've never entirely cared enough to figure out what they mean. :)
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    Sorry, QS stands for quality system. According to my lecture notes, things like GMP, GLP and ISO 9000 are quality systems. Thanks a lot for your reply, I've read about 20 explanations of what QA and QC are and I'm still confused as hell about it all. Your practical, straight to the point explanations make way more sense to me.
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    Just interpret your diagram in terms of subset/superset terms. ie. QC is a subset of QA and both are subsets of TQM.
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