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Tractive Force and Greater Cold Air Mass Movement

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    Hello. ... New to the site.

    Had been searching for "Physics" focused forums, with an attached meteorological element, and found this one.

    I've been looking into and investigating the "notion" that main "tractive" force *, might have a great deal to do with main and broader cold air mass both movement together with distribution over the earth's surface. — And with this idea, also to discuss with whomever I can find to perhaps, the main elements which this idea calls into question.

    * http://www.co-ops.nos.noaa.gov/restles3.html
    (section no. 4. — Of note: There's a minor error, in the text - fairly confusing: "opposes" - within this section's initial paragraph, should be "opposed".)

    — This, with it's (main cold air's.) being the most "dense" air mass, .. "available." / ... generally.

    — And, with also, considering and accounting for the main mechanism/s which work/s to generate it. — i.e. essentially discounting the idea that warmer and more "dense" air mass might also perhaps be moved around similarly, with having appreciated it to be much more stationary, both generally, and comparatively, where exposed to this force. / — i.e. more apt to light down in specific greater regions — due to the main way/s in which "it's" generated/ consolidated. (Or put more simply, .. [my having considered it.] as the main "exhaust" product of greater convection, while otherwise main radiational, both cooling, and warming, lie more at front of all main processes taking place within the troposphere.) .. And with warmer air density where consolidated, either whether being, or remaining, more stationary, due also, to it's more CCW circulation, .. and with further, related to this idea, its main "center" of mass - most dense, being more guarded, while progressively, less pressure dense air is - instead/ otherwise, "tapped" away from its outer boundaries, where amassed.

    All comments both welcomed and appreciated.
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