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Tractor Beam Sling Shot

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    Strictly for curiosity purposes.

    If we had 3 Tractor Beam Devices located on the Backside of the Moon and Located at wide Triangulated points on the Moons surface and we had a Space Ship that was following the Moon at 186,283 miles in Partial Geosynch Orbit of the Moons Backside and we turned on the Powerful ideal Tractor Beams to lock the Space Ship into a locked orbit so that the Space Ship was forced to use the Moon's Earth Orbital Velocity to increase the Space Ship's Velocity by the arc Ratio Path that the Space Ship is forced to travel locked in a Tractor Beam, Sort of like the Hammer Throw in the Olympics but the Ball is the Space Ship and the tether is the Tractor Beams, the Tractor Beams could allow the Space to be let out to the Tractor Beams Holding limit and spooled out until the Tractor Beams could no longer hold the Space Ship.

    Lets say that we were in this age of having Powerful Tractor Beams and masses amount of Energy to play with.

    Would it give better Sling Shots than Just the Gravitational Slingshot method?

    Could we gain Higher Velocities?:bugeye:
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    We could gain higher velocities just by using rockets (ie: burning more fuel). Why resort to these "tractor beams" - whatever they are ?

    PS : What are they ?

    Note : This probably belongs in GP... for now.
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    I wouldn't even want to explain how a Tractor Beam would Works but the Closest I come to what a Tractor Beam does with todays current technology is this http://www.geocities.com/dsligar.geo/globe.html" Where the Globe is be Trapped at a local from an Auto Adjusting
    Electromagnetic field, The Field Adjustments lock the Globe in place according the the Magnetic field Strength of both Coils.

    Lets Say in our previous Question about the Space Ship be locked in a Tractor Field carries the other half of the Coil Assembly so that a Ground Base Coil system could adjust the Holding strength of the Tractor Beam so that both the Space Ship's Coil and The Ground Based Coil can lock onto each other for an Olympic Hammer throw, While the Space Ship is Collecting Energy from the Moon Orbital Momentum the Space Ship is Spooled out until the Tractor Beams lose enough Strength that Allows the Space ship to tear away. Then the Tractor Beams can be turned off to let the Space Ship sling shot off to some Calculated Destination, If the Moon was set up with Nuclear Generators then we may have enough Energy to play with something like these Holding Coils.

    The original Ideas of Tractor Beams were designated from the Sci-Fi flick Star Trek, I don't think an actual Tractor Beam would work like the movie illistrated it but it could happen if our Brilliant minds of Physicists Plug at it.
    Physicists always seem to make Science fiction come true eventually so Sci-fi is just a forthought to somebody like me in what direction we'll be heading too.:bugeye:

    I guess that the future would use powerful Coherent Electromagnets, Beamed or Lobed out for Magnetic Slingshots using a Planet as a source of momentum.
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