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Tragic death

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    A boy died with a roap tied in the neck and lied down (both body and roap) in the water in the room . Things in the room ( one chair, one roap lied down connected to the neck of the boy's body, No windows - just one entrance that to be locked inside ,water, empty top with two pins.

    If you are a detective . then solve it.
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    Welcome to PF.

    Is this a homework assignment?

    If so then we need to see your reasoning before we can help
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    Its not my homework assighnment. I am just preparing for placements . I found this site very interesting .
    and I just thought one question and posted it
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    I know the answer is
    even though I don't understand the question. What is an empty top?
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    Ahh the opening of the old Three Days of the Condor movie with Robert Redford.

    Also the Car Talk guys had a similar one with water in the tires, freezing in the morning causing the tire to be unbalanced giving a rough ride. However when the car owner brings the car in to be inspected no problem was found because the day got warmer and the ice melted and evenly coated the inside of the tire presrving the balance.
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