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Train blows away a p?

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    Is it true that a somewhat fast (say 150 km/h) train with a flat-headed locomotive pushes so much air in front of it that a person on the track would not (at first) be hit but blown away?
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    Looks to me like a problem crying out for experimental evidence!
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    Andrew Mason

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    Using a dummy of course. The difficulty might be in finding a flat headed train that can go 150 km/hr (about 90 mph)

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    What I DO know, is that the goy who did the Great Train Robbery (in the 1880's, I think), had seriously underestimated the air resistance when crawling on top of the train. He was almost, but not quite, blown off the train, and his clothes and face were drenched in soot.
    All this from Michael Crichton's account of one of the most daring robberies done in history. :smile:
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    No. It isn't. Buses are also flat-headed. Now think of the movie Final Destination
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    Well, he would have to be a dummy to volunteer!
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    Any experts in fluid mechanics here? i guess it would have to depend on the shape of the boundary layer.
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    I have never seen this side of you Halls, :rofl:
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