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Train displacement problem

  1. Sep 6, 2008 #1
    I try my best to solve this problem but couldn't .....here is the question

    1.the train starting rest leaves a station with a constant acceleration.at the end of 5.34 s,it is moving at 15.549m/s. what is the train displacement in the first 3.15 s of motion?answer in units of meter.

    I try in this way but couldn't get the answer.
    I use velocity = displacement/time

    15.549m/s= S/(5.34-3.15)

    then i got 34.0523 m
    after i got 34.05m i calculated the distance from 0s to 5.35 s which is 83.0316

    finaly i subtract 83.0316 - 34.0523 = 48.97 m

    but my answer is wrong so is there any one can show me how i can do this question
    thank you.
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