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Train wheels

  1. Dec 16, 2009 #1
    Does anybody know why you hear the train wheel SCREECH when the train makes a curve?
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    My guess would be that the axle is solid so at least one of the wheels has to be slipping since the outer and inner tracks are different lengths.
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    This is actually taken into account. The wheels of a train are conical. When the truck (set of wheels) goes around a curved section of track, it moves outwards. This shifts the contact on the outer wheel to a larger diameter part of the wheel, while the contact on the inner wheel is moved to a smaller diameter.

    http://www.railway-technical.com/whlbog.shtml" [Broken].

    The fact that the wheels are conical is also what keeps the wheels on the rails, not, as seems intuitive, the flanges. The flanges are only a last resort.

    And to answer the OP's question: It is the occasional contact of these flanges - due to incorrect geometry, poor maintenance or wrong speed - that causes the scraping noise.
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