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Train Wreck

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    That is really a very sad loss of life. Even at a slow rate of speed, the impact had to be tremendous.
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    I don't see any report of such a tragic on TV, news via network is not worthy of care.
    There are sites that create fake cheap news to earn web readers attention, this is just so normal
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    The idea of passenger trains and freight trains using the same railbed in a modern country is pathetic.. We are so far behind other first world nations on passenger rail it is ridicilous.
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    Nobody will ride passenger trains. It takes too damn long to go across the country in a train.
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    Of course other countries don't see things that way. If America was the same width as Japan you'd see just as many high speed trains here. the high speed rail cannot compensate enough to make people use it here.
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    The Thalys covers the 262 flight kilometers between Brussels and Paris in 1 hr and 22 minutes. Just go to the station and hop in.

    Should you travel by car, plan at least four hours for the horrible traffic jams.

    Going by plane looses the two hours mandatory reporting time at the airport before take off.

    Guess what's by far the quickest way to travel from Brussels to Paris?
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    I take the train (AMTRAK) from NY to Washington DC when I have business there. It's actually more convenient than a car. Once I get to Union Station, I can take the Metro to any number of stations near a hotel or office where I need to go. These days, it costs less to take the train than drive the car and pay for parking - and I can sit back and relax on the train (and even work if I'm inclined).

    I've ridden on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, and a regional from Osaka to Takamatsu - and back. The Shinkansen is great!

    I've ridden the TGV from CDG (Paris) to Lyon, and that is an excellent ride. I don't even need a car. Beats a car, bus or flying.

    If we had the equivalent of a Shinkansen or TGV - I'd take it, except possibly for Coast to Coast travel.
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    that doesn't even get me 1/2 way across the state.
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    Stop being such a pessimist...
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    It all depends on how you look at it. It takes me an hour and a half to get to the Phoenix Airport. I must arrive there at least one hour before departure time. I am already 2 1/2 hours into the trip and haven't left the ground.
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    For trips shorter than 1000 miles, a bullet train is actually quicker than an airplane. Do the math:

    A bullet train can cover the 1000 miles in 5 hours vs. 2.5 hours in an airplane. Edwards above, hasn't even left the ground by 2.5 hours.
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    Most trips, even in the US, are short.
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