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Training kit C# -> Embedded

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    Hi all,

    I work for a software house in the Netherlands. I am between assignments right now. And I am searching for some kind of cursus/training kit for our division.
    My manager asked me if I could find out if there is somewhere a training kit with C# for our high tech division. For example a C# application in combination with a micro controller or something. It has to be something high tech (embedded).
    Does anybody know a .net / embedded training kit ?
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    Embedded .net?
    Rather depends what you mean by embedded but .net requires windows (XP or newer), I'm not even sure how much of it runs on XP-embedded, it isn't going to run on a microcontroller.
    There are unofficial ports of .net to linux (mono) which might run on an ARM but really c# and embedded aren't a good match
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    We (our software house) has a .net cursus. But this cursus is not high tech related. In this cursus you have to make a windows application using C#. With the help of a database.

    I would like to make this cursus more high tech. For example a windows application in combination with Robotics or something?! I know lego mindstorms has some nice training kits. But most of them are with a microcontroller using C. I would like to know if there is something like a robotics or somethings, which can be controlled with a microcontroller(C) and a windows application (C#). This is just a example...
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    For example this training kit:
    http://www.trossenrobotics.com/c/educational-division-robotics-connection.aspx [Broken]
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