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Hi all,

Maybe i shud put it this way. Suppose I want to perform training on part of the data and leave the rest for testing. the training set is separated into subsets whereby I train one subset first, and use its weights and biases as weights to the next subset and so on. Then how to I write that loop taking into consideration that after I present every sample for training I will repeat the same process. Under normal circumstances we do this:

net = newff(mimax(x),[2,2],{'logsig','purelin'},'traingd');
net = train(net,x,t);

But now I want to perform something like this:

net = train(net,xtrain1,ttrain1);
net = train(net,xtrain2,ttrain2);

Maybe at this stage I can simulate and then if need be train again, go back to the above step.

but how do I present this in a form of a loop?

Please help!

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