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Homework Help: Trains and Birds

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    Two trains, each having a speed of 34 km/h, are headed at each other on the same track. A bird that can fly 58 km/h flies off the front of one train when they are 102 km apart and heads directly for the other train. On reaching the other train it flies directly back to the first train, and so forth.

    (a) How many trips can the bird make from one train to the other before they crash?

    (b) what is the total distance the bird travels?

    *If possible show solution
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    If possible please show the work you've tried
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    Andrew Mason

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    Think of the problem in the frame of reference of one of the trains. Think of the bird flying continuously at 58 km/hr until the separation = 0. How long does that take? How far does the bird fly? The more difficult part is (a). If it takes no time to turn around and accelerate back up to 58 km/hr, I don't think there is a limit to the number of trips.

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