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Traking Pre Cal over the summer?

  1. May 27, 2004 #1
    Has anyone here taken pre cal or calculus over the summer?

    I am planning on taking pre cal over the summer so I can go into cal next year...

    I dont need to do this... and the problem with doing it.. is that since the summer course would not really follow the "honors" path.. I dont know if that may affect me in the future.... (next year) when I take caculus .

    If I take the class at the city college... it will be like a year worth of worked all in 2 months.... but when I go back to school will I be able to handle calculus...



    I am also wondering what classes some of you are taking.. or took when you were school. I knwo they will probably be over my head but I am still curious to know. :rolleyes:
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    I think this is more of a school specific thing. I moved a year ago and had to change schools. The difference between the two pre-calc courses couldn't have been any more differen't. At my old school the course was a stepping stone to calc, but in my new school it was an alternative for seniors to calc. Your best bet is to talk to your guidence counselor about it.
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    Sorry I didnt quite get your comparison between the two classes.. can you explain it to me in a different way, thanks.

    I get that they were very different.... thanks.
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    I was just trying to show that there can be a big difference between what a pre-calc class is in one area and what it is in another. At my old school the pre-calc class was the class you took before you took calc. In my new school the class is for seniors who can't handle calc. So it can very drastically from school to school.
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    I am also wondering what classes some of you are taking.. or took when you were school. I knwo they will probably be over my head but I am still curious to know.

    And I am thinking about taking TRIG right along with pre calc
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    well...since I was uninformed about my new school's pre-calc class I took that. In hindsight it was a bad decision since I am bored out of my mind in that class. I'm still a junior so I can't give you any age old advice. I'd say take the trig class first, not with the pre-calc class. There is just too much trig you need to know to take pre-calc. Thats my advice, but like I said, talk to your guidence counselor. His/her entire job is to help you make these kinds of decisions. Hope I was of some help
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    One of the reason I am posting here is because my counselor is not really available right now =-/
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    Go talk to the pre-calc math teacher then.
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    I suggest you not take p-cal/trig during the summer unless you are a math wiz. Summer courses only give a brief account of whatever book they are using. The teachers dont explain as much and you will not absorb most of the stuff learnt during this short period of 5 weeks?. If you think you are up to taking Calculus next year (in high school?), then take it. If you are really planning to take p-cal during the summer, consider College Algebra (it is the basics of trig). Good lUcK!!
  11. May 28, 2004 #10
    here, Calc is a university class offered in highschool, there is no such thing as pre-calc
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