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Trance music, peculiar

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    I enjoy listening to rap mostly, especially when driving, and i have an appreciation for other types of music. But there is something about trance that seems to hold some mathematical pattern. Obviously it does because it can be measured, but certain songs seem to interact with the brain. It is as if you could be doing anything and not even realize that you were listening to music, or at the very least you would not be distracted by it.

    Also what is the frequency of brain waves and what would happen if you listened to trance music at this frequency?
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    I like to think about it as if trance oscillates on the frequency of your subconsciousness
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    i like this
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    I just looked around. Alpha waves seem to be at the frequency of 1.5-4 cycles per second. So if you listened to a tone at this frequency, would you become distracted, synergistic qualities emerge?, .....
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    Unless you are under the influence of psilocybin or ibotenic acid or muscimol or mescaline or lsd or lsa or dmt or mdma, etc - trance music wont have much effect on you
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    Two things:

    If one was in a crowded room taking a test, along with everyone else, could there possibly be mental distraction caused by brainwaves?

    Could you make a receiver to "listen" to these brain waves?
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    some sort of a collective subconsciousness that you could tap into bla bla bla

    i donno, im a skeptic of all those holographic theories, and all that, and all this. its just too much B.S. lately.
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    Complex percussion music can give you a trance like experience. The african people even use it to do this, in combination with drugs, dancing and fatigue. But I do not know much about it.

    As for music itself, I do not understand it. But for some reason people really connect strongly to the rhythmic element of music. It is a shallow connection, a primitive one, one non-musicians experience just as strongly as a professional musician. Maybe try to find out if people did some research on brain activity while listening to heavy percussion music.

    I don't think trance music itself has this effect as strongly as pure percussion music.

    Personally I am much more interested into the effects of music on higher brain functions, emotions and the fusion of harmony and melody.
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    Yes, ive personally noticed the effects of trance on my emotions. it kind of puts me into a serious tranced state of focus-but it can be emotional as well depending on the song. Not every song, mind you, but occasionally you will come across a song where the sythetic percussion and synthetic chords are intoxicating.
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