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Homework Help: Tranmission Design

  1. Nov 6, 2008 #1
    Posted Y at 06:55 PM by gimini75

    Hi can you help me

    I have to desin a transmission system for a sand-drying drum, the drum will be rotated by a system of electric motor, gearbox and chain drive to the drum and that the motor will run of 415V, three-phase electrical supply.

    The diametre of the drum is 2.5 m, 4 long, the drum consists of a cylinder and two end plates that are fabricated from 8 mm thick steel plate, 2 tonnes of sands will be used, the center of gravity of the sand is 0.5 m away from the center of the drum, at startup the drum is to be brought uniformly to a speed of 7 rpm in 8 seconds.

    I need the calculations necessary for determining the size and type of motor.

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