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Trans-communication and EVP

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    I wondered if anyone experimented in EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) or ITC (instrumental transcommunication). I have been doing both EVP and video ITC recordings since April. The video aspect has been most interesting to me and for those unfamiliar with the method, I'll explain very briefly. First let me link:

    My video ITC image archive

    I just connect the video output of a camera to the tv/vcr and put the channel and camera function to view the live feed. Then, standing around 2-4 meters from the TV I will manually position the camera to point directly at the television. This creates a closed video feedback loop. Each session is improvised and all factors such as lighting, camera angle/displacement, color, contrast etc. are modified in attempt to "stabalize" or control the feedback loop. I have found many unmistakeable facial profiles, a majority looking very human-like. There should be no coherant image in this feedback loop, and the images are not your standard rorsch-test/image-in-a-cloud. You can see things such as lips, fingers, cheek creasing (around nose/mouth area), and many other features. Also, there are 2 particular profiles who have reappared consistently. I have not recognized any faces so far as people I know, but they appear to show intelligence for a few reasons.

    In one image specifically, LINK, the [rather large] face of a young girl (one who reappears often) seems to be holding a fist up to her cheek on the left. If you count the fingers, you find there are four. If you look just left of the left eye (where the color meets the white of the flash) you can see what appears to be a thumb...looks like the girl is giving me a thumbs up. (I know you cant tell it is a girl so much from this photo...her hair is not shown from the image being so large on screen...but her small facial features and wide eyes match various other captures)

    I get some that smile such as these,

    leftsmile and slantedsmile. I get some that don't appear so happy like these, blankexp1, blankexp2, and this newer one blankexp3. The third one is only the left half of the profile (the loop was cycling to the right, disappearing off screen).

    The video method was originally practiced by Claus Schreiber, in an attempt to capture an image of his dead daughter who he believed he'd recorded via taperecorder post death. Some of my captures do not look enitrely human, but they do look lifelike/intelligent. I might believe they were intereference or non-intelligent except that every face appears to be "posing" just for me, and that some have reappeared after several months.

    Mainly just wanted to know if anyone else has experimented in this or what your thoughts are on the captures. Also, if you are inclined in physics and know a thing or two about video feedback, I would love to hear opinions. I am rather new to this. I'd actually like to know of any classes I can take which might develop some knowledge in this area (video/electronics...engineering cover this?). I'd like to improve the images and maybe figure out the source if possible.
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