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Transfection question

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    i was just wondering if anybody out there had a good guess as to how many HeLa cells were on a 100% confluent, say, 100mm plate (any size would do). my guess would be between 750,000 to 2 million? depending on how dense they get. what would you think 70% would be? does anyone have any numbers for plates this confluency that were counted/sorted?
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    there is no way to give a reliable number.

    there is just too much variation between cell lines (even if they are all HeLa cells), how many times the cells have been passaged, and your particular growth conditions.

    you just have to get down and dirty and count them. you can do it the traditional way with a foot tapper and microscope, or there are computer programs that will count pixels for you.

    if you are suspecting contamination, it should be evident if you examine the plates daily.
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