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Transfer Advice (Physics)

  1. Nov 14, 2006 #1
    Hey, I'm currently enrolled at a college known as Roberts Wesleyan and am a Sophomore physics major.

    Let me appologize beforehand for my sloppy typing, it's late where I am (3:29) and just finished a significant chunk of work.

    -Slacked off in HS tremendously, 2.5-2.7 GPA.
    -Didn't study for my SATs, still managed to get a decent 1230 on the old style.
    -Did ace my AP Calc class/exam and did well in all of my math/science courses my senior year.
    -GPA in college thusfar has been 3.4, but I have yet to get below a B+ in any of my math/science courses (I did horrible in a couple geneds).

    I have 18 credits of math and science this semester, and assuming I do well (3.6-3.8 GPA), which of these universities are realistic options? Also, athough I realize it's a some-what pointless question, which of these (in your opinions) would be the best to transfer to assuming I am accepted?

    Penn State
    U Maryland
    U Mass
    U of R
    Other universities in the Boston area (I don't live in MA, but have always liked the area).

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
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