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Transfer from UC Berkeley to canadian colleges; any recommendations?

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    Transfer from UC Berkeley to canadian colleges; any recommendations??!??

    I am going to HAVE to transfer to a college in Canada from UC Berkeley. I finished my soph year at Berkeley Engineering Physics with GPA of 3.8. But (and this is the saddest part) I had to take a year off (the 2011-2012 year) and will be applying this fall for next fall. I've also had some research experience (summer after freshman year and then all of soph year) in nano devices.
    Which colleges would you recommend I apply to in Canada for transfer?
    Would getting into McGill or UofT be out of reach for me? UAlberta, McMaster, Queen's?SFU? Any other recommended colleges? How hard is it to transfer to canadian colleges from US colleges? How do I find out how hard canadian colleges are, and where I might have a chance of transferring to??
    My SAT scores were okay, something like 2220. And my high school grades were respectable too.
    .My reasons are family/personal. But nothing academic. Also, I'm international (from South Africa), although my family is currently settled in Canada.
    I want places with good optoelectronic device research, if at all possible, or some sort of nanofab research.
    I'm not worried about transferring credit and i would be willing to take extra time to finish but I'm worried about the Getting IN part. I guess what I would want would be to have some colleges that I have a slim chance at, some I have a good chance at, and some I have a really good chance of getting in, so i'm not left high and dry. (Going back to UCBerkeley would be great and is absolutely possible ---there's nothing preventing it, I'm on temporary leave--but it would be hard on my family, actually. )
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