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Transfering? And I'm Lost!

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    I went to a four year univeristy didnt like my major and now I'm currnetly going to a community college lookin to transfer back to some other four year university. I'm lost in quest to find a good physics school that I can get into. My grades from my freshman year are questionable but I'm currently getting all A's right now. I dont know if I can get my gpa up real high by the time to apply so i cant get into the greatest schools or anything. I want to go to a descent sized school maybe like 5,000 students but the size isnt really that important as long as the Dept. gives good attention to the students. I want major in Astrophysics.
    It just seems like most schools that have this major are out of my reach and its rather disappointing. I have found some schools but I dont know how to sift through them I was hoping someone could make some good suggestions on good astrophysics schools. I'm hoping there are some people out there that had great experiences at there schools and can tell me about them.
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