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Transfering, is it worth it

  1. Oct 12, 2009 #1
    As you may remember I have been on this board from time to time inquiring and whining about how horrid my school is. I am now majoring in maths and unfortunately, the electives at my school, not just in maths but in any program I am interested in are very very limited.

    I am particularly interested in studying computational maths and it so happens that I found a school that will be easy to transfer into about a 35 minute drive away that offers a maths degree with a specialization in just that. Further they have a Ph.D.and MS program in Computational Mathematics so it seems more likely I'd get a chance to work on the sorts of the things I am interested in.

    To contrast these two programs: in one I will have to take an entire year of abstract algebra and whatever electives I can get(those which are offered.) In my new program there is no abstract algebra required( I don't think I'll be missing too much as an applied mathematician) and electives include things like a year of Applied Maths(I&II), Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling and other things that are related to possible further studies I am interested in, particularly mathematical physics.

    Whether I transfer or not I basically have 3 semester after this one left to finish by BS. If I do transfer it seems like I could basically go right into counting some of remaining maths courses toward both completing the BS and starting an MS. So any advice PF?
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    Have you investigated which courses at your current school will actually transfer as credit for equivalent courses at the "new" school? Not just for math, but also for general education requirements? Are there limits on how many credit hours the "new" school will accept as transfer credit towards one of their degrees?
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    Yea it looks like all my courses would transfer without much problem and I'd be able to finish in the same time, cost is about the same.
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