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Transfering product between 2 industrial tanks

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    I need to conduct a product transfer operation and need to submit calculations for approval first but am a bit stuck at this point.. I'm a bit rusty on my fluid dynamics and looking for some tips on how to approach this.

    I have 2 large capacity liquid propane tanks (24,000 gallons) both about 80% full and need to transfer product from one tank to the other. I'll have 100 PSI differential driving the fluid transfer, my question is whether the limit of excess flow valves will be exceeded at that pressure differential.

    I've attached a sketch depicting the layout.

    what would be the methodology to solve this- I assume solving for velocity at the intake of the discharge tube of tank 1 (given the 100 psid) is the way to go since I can then figure out the flow rate and see if it exceeds the excess flow valve capacity?

    Is D'arcy's equation sufficient to solve for the velocity given all the known variables I currently have?

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,


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