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Transferring as a freshmen?

  1. Oct 16, 2008 #1
    ill be honest. i messed up in high school, took two years off now, im in a community college fixing the mistakes i had made. im majoring in math, i dropped physics for now. well see how i feel once i more forward, i may do a minor for fun. but right now, im pretty much starting from ground zero. although, i didnt need to. i remembered most of the material from school, i started back where i did just to form a stronger foundation.

    im curious as to; if i can transfer into a 4-year university from a county college, into a freshmen standing. i.e; being completely remediated, which will take the course of the year to get back into calculus 1 level in which i might actually be able to have taken by the spring semester. that can only help, i believe.

    right now; im in algebra 2 (again) surprising to me, a lot of the material is what i learned in pre-calculus in high school, savvy i think. philosophy which is a credited freshmen level course. freshmen seminar, which i cant stand for many reasons, ill spare everyone here. and basic chemistry. i had to drop my english course which, was a freshmen level course as well.

    if they offer pre-calculus over winter break, ill be taking it. this way ill be in calculus 1 for spring. so my spring schedule will look like this:

    pre-calculus/calculus 1
    and maybe English comp again.

    with decent standing, (im aiming high!) would i be able to transfer to rutgers or a similar school into a freshmen level?
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