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Transferring Kinetic Energy

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    Is there a way to transfer kinetic energy between two objects without the objects touching one another?
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    Depends on your definition of "touching" (which is not well defined).

    Many ideas come to mind. Have heard of gravitational slingshot? Its used for crafts traveling around the solar system.

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    Think about how an induction-type electric motor works. Electrical energy flows through the stator coils, creating electromagnetic forces that spin the shaft. There's no touching there.
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    A glider in a thermal gains PE which it can convert to KE. The energy ultimately came from the sun. Neither touch directly. Does that count?
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    The energy I gain from my breakfast ultimately came from the sun, which I never touched. Does that count?
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    Im thinking more along the lines of a newton's cradle, is there a way to transfer this energy through a wire or apparatus of some sort?
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    You could put magnets with like poles on each ball of a newtons cradle.
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    This is the most common example I can think of. Picking things up with static electricity is a close second. :)
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