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Transferring OUT of Engineering

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    Is there anything engineering credits can count towards? I have 85 hours of Colo Mines Engineering core classes; none major specific. I also have 19 hours through University of Utah through NOLS; most of which are at the 300 level (see below).

    I have everything I need right now-ideal job offer, etc. Mines will take 3+ years to graduate since I struggle with the math so much. And that job may be gone by then. However, my credit doesn't appear to transfer anywhere. I want to transfer into an online school and just get this done with; any suggestions? Contact info of a counselor would be great. General studies at places like UND are my only hit so far.

    Priorities are:

    1) Graduate quickly (takes credit, online, self-paced, etc)

    2) Freedom to take what I'm interested in

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    If you already have the job you want then maybe you can finish your degree part time at night. I know Mines fairly well and I know that probably won't fly there but CU-Denver might work well for your situation. There are many night and online classes there to cater to non-traditional students. Good luck.
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