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Transferring to new school

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    I was wondering if it looks bad to have attended 3 schools during your undergrad career. My situation is that I am looking to transfer from my current community college to another community college in another city due to class availibilty and my work schedule. I plan on transferring to a 4 year and completing the degree.

    Will a graduate school admissions department care about how many schools I have attended during my undergrad if my gpa is strong? I appreciate all opinions.
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    I don't see any logical reason as to why they would care how many schools you went to as long as you have good grades. I'm sure if you explain that you did it to accomodate your schedule as well as class availability they will understand (if they even care that you did it, which I don't think they will).

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    I went to 2 CC and 1 four year university. I am in grad school
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