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Transferring vs. Reaching High

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    Hi, first-time poster here. I'm far from a stellar student, but I'm really interested in nuclear engineering. However, NucEng is usually only available at rather big universities. My GPA and SAT's, as well as my EC's are probably not going to get me into a university with NucE, or at least it won't be coming very easily. On the other other hand, I've considered transferring from a CC or a lower-level college/university, but I've heard a lot about the woes of CC's... Which path should I take? Or should I just go for a different but closely related majors? Thanks.
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    If your serious about turning your academic performance around then I would highly suggest the CC route. We all weren't mature enough when we first went through high school and need a second to refocus. I for one ended up pulling a 1.8 GPA in high school, because I was young and stupid and just stopped caring. After the Navy I decided to start at a CC and 52 credits later I had a 4.0 and a 1260 Q&V SAT and got into the 28th ranked school in the nation. CC's aren't all that bad, they dont always have the best peers, but they are what you make of them. And if you don't feel like you are being challanged...challange yourself.
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    Have you ever heard of match, reach, and safety schools? I've read 50% of your applications should be to match schools, with 25% going to reach, and 25% to safety. They key here is to apply to more than one school.

    When you apply, be sure to highlight your strengths. Undergrad doesn't just look at GPA when accepting students. Community service, athletics, other special acheivements can all give you an advantage.

    Research the schools you are applying to. Try to find out if students who interview are more likely to get accepted. There are all kinds of statistics out there. Try to find out what will give you the edge you need.

    There is nothing wrong with the CC route. That is the route I'm taking. But you might as well at least try to get into your first choice school. The worst that could happen is that you loose a little time, money, and they tell you "no". But if they accept you...
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    I'm with the two previous posters when I say a CC might not be a bad idea. I honestly I'm telling you right now, if I could re-do the whole college process I would be in a community college right now.
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