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Transformation Coordinates

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    "For each transformation, write the coordinates of the image of the point (1, 0) on the unit circle."

    All got all but these:

    (b) reflection in the line x = 0
    (d) vertical translation of 5, horiztontal translation of 2
    (f) reflection in the line y = x
    (g) reflection in the line y = -x
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    Let me suggest that you sketch these out on a piece of graph paper. I think you'll find it easier to see what's going on there. For what it's worth, it doesn't appear to me that it makes any difference at all that the point used is on the unit circle - reflecting that point through the given line (or taking it through the given transformations) will put it in the same place whether it's part of some larger diagram or not. So - sketch the point, sketch the lines, and see what happens.
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