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A Transformation matrix help needed

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    I have attached a pdf which shows clearly how I have carried out my transformations from one axis into another.

    However, I am not convinced that it is right and I have described why I feel so.

    I shall be grateful if someone can help me


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    Can anyone please hekp? I am really struggling and will be extremely grateful
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    Could you please clarify in your figure, which of u,v,w maps into which of x,y,z, i.e., is x the (rotated) image of u, y of v etc?
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    u should map into the y axis
    v should map into the z axis
    w should map into the x axis

    Thanks a lot, looking forward for the response

    I think my calculation is wrong (in the pdf) because theta_v, theta_w and theta_t are final rotations (not intermediary rotations)

    I need final transformation matrix

    Angle between u and y axis is (90 - theta_v) see the figure where theta_v is marked
    Angle between v and z axis is theta_t (See figure theta_t is marked)
    Angle between w and x axis is (90 - theta_h). See figure where theta_h is marked

    I need a transformation matrix
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