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Homework Help: Transformations of Data

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    I have recently just been given a computer lab task and that is to research transformations on the net and write a 1 page essay about them, which i am finding hard to find information on them, but anyway, here is my problem. We are required using our classes data to do transformations of our data for AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT in SPSS. now i have done the transformations, however we must also do P-P Plots to show what the transformations have done. All the transformations i have done, Ln, Log10, Square root, of these variables, have all come back with the exact same P-P plots as the original data from the normal variables. I was wondering is this supposed to happen, because i thought transformations could make non-normal data sometimes normally distributed, whereas mine does not change at all.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    The graphs should be different. Unfortunately, without seeing what you've done or the results therefrom, it's difficult to help. Can you provide more details concerning your transformations and provide images of the graphs??

    To provide images of your graphs, upload to the site shown below and reference the URL's it provides.

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