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Homework Help: Transformations? :S

  1. Oct 27, 2007 #1
    Describe the transformation on the graph of y=1/x needed to obtain the graph of each of the following:

    a) y= x+3/x+1

    b) y= 2x/x-1

    im stuck on how to answer this question...how would i solve this?...thanks
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    Learn to use parentheses. It is important, and you seem like a kindergarten pupil when forgetting them.
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    Most peope would interpret x+3/x+1 as x+ (3/x)+ 1. I suspect that you mean (x+3)/(x+1).

    Most people would interpret 2x/x-1 as (2x/x)- 1= 2- 1= 1. I strongly suspect that you mean 2x/(x-1).

    I would also point out that these look a lot like homework. I'm moving this thread to the "precalculus homework" forum.
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