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Transformer base rating

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    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum and hope my question is appropriate for this section.

    My question is about per-unit notation and calculations. Basically I've been given the resistance, reactance at the primary and secondary windings of a transformer, core losses and inductance, etc. The transformer rating (does not specifically say it is the base rating) is 100 kVA and the base voltage is 1 kV. Among other things I have to calculate the per unit values for the resistance, reactance, losses, etc, but what I cannot understand is how you can calculate the base rating. Is it just the same as the regular transformer rating?

    Any answers will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Analysis and design of the circuit is made easier if the circuit values are normalized, such that the normalized values are the same on both sides of the transformers. This is accomplished using the per-unit system. Selection of base value is contractual and can be each desired value.

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