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Transformer explosion

  1. Oct 26, 2005 #1
    hi pf folks..

    currently i am the electrical engineer incharge in a 152 hectares university campus in our place. commonly our transformer are rated 7620/240 volts, 1p with capacity of 25 KVA, 50 KVA and 100 KVA.. for our three phase loads we used to bank 3- 1p transformer
    wye delta...all in all we have a total of 8 transformer substation in our campus.. now few months past we experienced succesive transformer explosion in our campus in different substations, we check the secondary line theres no fault in it,,, being a neophyte in this field of practice (electrical engg.) now my question is:

    1. aside from overloading, what are the other causes of transformer explosions?

    2. i suspect that the succesive explosion came from the primary side since we had already made an investigation in all of our loads and secondary lines, and we found that everything is all right, now what are the factors affecting transformer explosion with regards to the primary side..

    tnx in advance!!!

    :smile: young engineer
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