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Homework Help: Transformer help

  1. May 28, 2012 #1
    Using characteristic diagrams, describe how a Transformer produces a complex waveform from a sinusoidal input.

    can someone in the community please help me with this , ref. to a web informative page etc would be fantastic as any i find are way to complex for the level that i am at ( hnc ) any help would be appreciated
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    rude man

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    "Complex" can mean different things depending on the level you're at. (Hnc = what?).

    Trnasformers will change the phase of an input voltage; that's considered 'complex' mathematically.

    Transformers can also distort an input voltage (generate harmonics). That's another kind of 'complex' waveform.
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    Thanks man , hnc ( higher national certificate) is the course in the u.k that im doing that will hopefully be a stepping stone to greater things
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