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Transformers problem help

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    Please can someone help me with his question

    A transformer has a 120-turn primary winding and an 1800-turn secondary winding. A current of 10A flows in the primary winding when the potential difference of 550V is placed across it. Find the current in the secondary winding and the potential difference across it.

    thank you
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    Where would you start with this?

    It's a pretty basic conservation of energy problem once you know where to go
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    so far i have

    120 = 550 =
    1800 33 10

    i got the 33 through the ration of 120/800
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    P=IV in primary coil


    hence 5500W in secondary coil

    pd across secondary coil = 550/120 x 1800 = 8250V

    current across secondary coil = 5500/8250 = 0.67A (2sf)
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    thank you :)
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