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Homework Help: Transformers Question

  1. Aug 9, 2010 #1
    Hi there

    I am presently studying for my electrical machines exam and i have a few examples to tackle.

    A 50hz, 3 phase, core-type transformer is connected star-delta and has a line voltage ratio of 11000/400V. The cross-section of the core is square with a circumscribing circle of 0.6m diameter

    If the maximum flux density is about 1.2T, calculate the number of turns per phase on the low-voltage and on the high-voltage windings. Assume the insulation to occupy 10 per cent of the gross core area.

    So i have;

    V1= 11000
    V2= 400
    B = 1.2T
    A = 0.6m (i think?)

    Could i use the V1/V2 = T1/T2 formula here?

    Anyhelp on this topic would be greatly appreciated :O) rather do my mistakes here than on the exam
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