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  1. At the moment I'n involved with a project that is using the S3K transient analysis code. I was wondering if anyone knows of a different code that will perform transient neutronic operations.

    Thanks in advance
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    EPRI developed the ARROTTA code - 3D space-time kinetics code - for the purpose of reactor transient analysis. ARROTTA has been coupled with VIPRE-2. I don't know how well it performs with respect to S3K which is a fairly good code. The vendors have their own methods, but I believe they are not as advanced as S3K.

    This paper might be useful - Parallel Computing Methods For The Epri Spatial Kinetics Code Arrotta - look for options on the righthand side of the page for downloading.
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  4. Thanks. I know that a lot of vendors use their own 'in-house' codes and don't distribute them commercially but is there any way of getting more information about them for a comparison to S3K? I'm trying to compare to see how they stand up to each other. Any type of benchmark test results would be useful.
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