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Transistor doubts

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    Hello all,

    I have been trying to simulate a circuitry involving a transistor for the microphone line. I believe it was used for amplication of the external audio signal (not too sure, maybe can share the circuit). I am using the ADS to simulate my circuit.

    The problem I faced was the transistor model was not in my ADS library and the information I got now is the spec. The transistor is a BJT silicon NPN epitaxial planer type with Hfe = 210 - 340 gain. The p/n is 2SD2216 from panasonic.

    I was using Q2N2222 transistor as a replacement by changing the Hfe value and I'm not sure whether I am doing the right thing.

    My questions are
    whether I can used other transistor model and change the Hfe to represent it?
    How do I create my own transistor model in ADS software?

    thanks in advance!

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    Sorry, there was a typo there. I was a 2SD2216 transistor.
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