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Transistor problem, helpp

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    transistor problem, helpp!!

    [PLAIN]https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/270474_2182563849439_1407242959_2536426_5250645_n.jpg [Broken]

    how to answerr? thanks
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    Re: transistor problem, helpp!!

    Im sorry but 90% that no one here understands that language. And please make a CLEAR statement what is the problem. I cannot conclude from the picture whats going on, and even if I could, you still should have typed in the problem.

    Its the least you can do if you are already asking for help, giving a clear statement what seems to be a problem.
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    Re: transistor problem, helpp!!

    sorry language problems, edited my questions..

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    Re: transistor problem, helpp!!

    I calculated the quiescent point for your transistor. It should be ok, my simulations confirmed this somewhat.

    In first 2 steps what I did is I split the voltage divider into 2 sources powering transistor on their own. This doesn't change anything in problem.

    Also I flipped the picture. So emitter is bottom now.

    You are asking Vc, Vb, Ve. I think you should have this basic knowledge of figuring out these parameters from these results.


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