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Homework Help: Transistor problem .

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    hello friends. i my book its said that both these transistors are in parallel . but i didnt understand it....

    how can we say that they are in parallel ????

    thanks ....hopin for help.

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    These transistors are not in parallel. Any transistors: BJT or FET must share Collector or Drain currents respectively in order to be in parallel. Try visualizing them in a switching circuit. It will be more clear.
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    can u plz tell me the reason for this statement
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    In the given circuit, The emitter of one transistor is connected to the collector of the other and the base of one is shorted to the other.

    Please refer to the attached image.

    here you can see multiple power transistors are working in parallel to increase the overall current capacity.

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    thanks for reply sir, but base of both are not connected together. base of one transistor is connected to emitter of other. (black dot is made there)
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