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Transistors vs breast implants

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    What is the relationship, if any other than homophony, between silicon and silicone?
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    silicone is a polymer of alternating Si and O bonds.
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    Don't forget the methyl group side chains.

    monomer unit of [(CH3)2SiO]
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    well yeah of course, except it doesn't need to be methyl groups.
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    Another God

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    LOL, yeah, 'of course'...because we all knew about them
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    it's clear when you look at the valence of silicon and what's sitting right above it in the periodic table :smile:. however it's not 1/10 as versatile or abundant as carbon, which is why we don't see silicon based life anywhere around here .
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    It's clear by the valence that silicone needs a methyl or some other alkyl group? Wow, I didn't know that, and I'm an organic chemist. And I guess I should toss my geology notes, because they say silicon is a far more abundant element than carbon.
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    i was just saying that it's clear that silicone is not simply Si-O-Si-O..., which is what i said in the first reply. i never said "it's clear by the valence that silicone needs a methyl or some other alkyl group". please don't put words in my mouth...

    and yeah silicon is more abundant in earth, but less abundant in the universe, i just got the two mixed up. which is just one of many reason silicon based life is not very likely in the universe. give me some slack, i wrote the last reply in math class...
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    Actually, you don't see them because they move slowly and are very clever.
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