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Transition from Mech. Eng (undergrad) to Comp Science (masters)

  1. Jul 31, 2013 #1
    Hello everybody.

    As the title suggests, I received my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. I was accepted into a mechanical engineering master's program, specifically in the field of dynamics and control. All of a sudden, an opportunity jumps at me. I learned about a program that I did not know existed at my university. It's an expanded M.S. Computer Science program aimed at students who have an engineering/math/science/non-CS background.

    The first semester is a foundational semester with the following 3 classes:

    Computer Systems Organization
    Foundations of Artificial Science
    Introduction to Programming Systems Design

    I have to average a 3.0 to stay in the program, or else I fall back to the dynamics and control program (not a bad plan B, but it is a wasted semester of time and tuition).

    Anyways, I extremely excited for the opportunity as Computer Science is a subject that I have always been fascinated by. Through my internship work this summer, I have been exposed to satellite flight software written in C. On my own, I've done minor mobile application development in C#/XAML. But overall, the only formal education I've had for a programming language is MATLAB.

    I guess I'm making this thread to see if anybody went through a similar situation. I'm extremely excited but extremely nervous! I'm spending the next few weeks working through the book "Invitation to Computer Science" 6th edition and even paid for the extra lab course that comes with it.

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