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Homework Help: TRANSITION state = > help !

  1. Mar 6, 2008 #1
    TRANSITION state = > help !!!!!!

    I don't know how start with this problem , can someone help me please

    Knowing the TST rate constants for the diffusion steps along x and y, it
    becomes possible to study the long-time evolution of the atom position on the
    surface using Kinetic Monte Carlo . The location of the minima of U defines a periodical lattice over which the atom can move, with the probability per unit time of jumping between neighbour lattice sites being given by the TST rate constants.

    a) Write a computer code that simulates the atomic diffusion along x and
    y on the lattice, giving as input A, B, T, and the two linear dimension
    Lx and Ly. The probability of jumping in the positive x direction is
    defined by 1

    with equivalent definitions for the probability of jumping in the other
    three directions. Randomly choose the direction of displacement
    accordingly to this definition of absolute probability.The physical time
    elapsed during a KMC step is given by 2

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