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Transition to college questions.

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    Hey PF,

    So I am a junior in high school and am highly interested in physics and mathematics. I really want to go to college for something in this general area. I am really conflicted between taking courses concurrently at a community college, or taking them at my high school. More specifically I am speaking of mathematics courses. I want to take Calculus and Analytical Geometry I this summer and continue from there at the community college. If I do this right by the time I enter college I should be in Calculus and Analytical Geometry III. The only problem is that several of my teachers at my high school have said I should take the AP calc class at my school because it "looks better". My train of thought however is that as long as I get into college looking "better" isn't a big deal. The most important thing is my strength in mathematics, especially if I want to pursue to study in the area of Physics or Applied Mathematics.

    What is your opinion on the subject?

    Thanks in advance.
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