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Transitioning from general calculus to advanced math and physics

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    Hello all,
    I am currently taking Calculus 1B at my school which basically covers integral and will be finishing up Calculus 1C (series) by June. I fell in love with math recently (calculus 1A) so i'm not very familiar with all the math classes out there. Over the summer, I plan to take Calculus D, which is multi-variable calculus but from there, I'm quite unsure about what I should take in my fall quarter (I attend a quarter system community college). I don't want my fall quarter to be too stressful due to transfer applications but my schedule is:
    Organic Chemistry 1
    Biology 1C
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1

    I am unsure of which math class to take. After multi-variable calculus (or rather Calculus 1C) you are given the choice of going into Linear Algebra or, after Calculus D, into differential equations. Which math class should I then take over fall, Linear Algebra or Differential Equations? Also, do you guys have any tips as to how I can prepare for these higher level math classes (Calculus 1D, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)

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