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Transitioning Into Engineering from Biology

  1. Dec 5, 2013 #1
    Excuse me for the wordy post. First off, some background: I am a recent college graduate with a BS in microbiology from an average state school with an only okay GPA (3.34). I entered college not in the right mindset and chose a major mostly at random. Sometime in my 2nd year I realized I wanted to study engineering but it was already too late and I could not afford to spend more than 4 years at university.

    Currently I am a research technician in a microbiology lab at my alma mater, and I have an additional ~1.5 years of undergraduate research experience as well (molecular cloning, protein purification/analysis, microscopy etc). I have come to the conclusion that I want to transition into engineering because I am longing for a more quantitative and applied career, rather than basic science research. I have begun taking background courses to prepare myself for entering into an engineering masters program (thinking mechanical right now) and I have found a few programs that will accept students without a BS in engineering (namely BUs LEAP program).

    Now to my actual questions:
    1. Given my background what sort of job (quality assurance, R&D, etc?) would be the best use of my time, both in terms of competitiveness for graduate school and for later job prospects as an engineer? I want to find a job that I am qualified to do, but that will also be an asset later on.

    2. How seriously will I be taken in industry without a BS in engineering? Will I be competing with new BS grads?

    3. As a non-engineering BS holder, would a more prestigious graduate program give me more validity as an engineer? Assuming I excel in my preparation courses, would I even stand a chance at gaining admission into a prestigious program?

    I am serious about this career change and really want to be doing everything I can right now to support it. Thank you for reading that whole thing, and for any advice you can give me.
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