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Translate something for me?

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    The first one is about a supercavitating assault rifle, and the second about a supercavitating torpedo. Thanks a lot! :biggrin:
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    I only did German at high school, so don't take this for rite.

    The first one is 'Clarification and Warning System'
    I'm not sure what the second one means, although it mentions 'mobile' 'clarification' and 'supervision'.

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    Try http://babelfish.altavista.com" [Broken]. The German part roughly translates to

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    Still sounds like babel to me. :redface:
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    "Aufklärungs- und Warnsysteme"
    Detection&Warning Systems.

    Mobile und stationäre Aufklärungs- und Überwachungsmittel

    Mobile and stationary devices for detection/surveillance
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