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Translation correct?

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    Hi! I see (on another thread) that we have people who can speak spanish. I'm doing a presentation in Spanish tomorrow, and I just finished the following translation (with google) from English to Spanish. Can someone please check it?

    English version

    phone number is not valid.

    spanish version

    thank you.
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    Esta modelo es una actriz famosa por su papel en el programa televisivo "Sexo y la Ciudad". Su nombre es SJP. Aquí ella está modelando varias modas sofisticadas. En todas las fotografías mostradas aquí, sus BLUSAS combinan con sus PANTALONES (FALDAS) . Cada (blusa) es de un color y estilo diferente pero aún así combina con ("sus blue jeans" or "mahones") oscuros. Estas vestimentas a la moda son una gran idea para la gente que le gusta sólo ponerse algo y salir sin perder tiempo.
    Pueden llevarse en todas las estaciones, con algunos arreglos.

    Para más información acerca de la compra de esta ropa, favor llamar al 1-800-164-9234.

    I tried...but I'm not a translator. Tops and bottoms are general worlds in english but cannot be translated exactly in spanish...well or i don't know how; so if you wan't to talk about pants use pantalones and if you are talking about skirts use faldas. Blue jeans has a different translation in each country. I think that mexicans just say jeans, in my country we call them mahones, in spain they use another word but I don't remember it right now...but Migui sure knows what is the word used in Spain...Anyway...if your teacher is Mexican I think that you are safe using just jeans.
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    Am i correct in reading that to mean you ran it thorugh an internet translator and then want us to check it?

    1) INternet translators mangle grammar. They're ok for words, not for sentences.
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